About Us

About Bricks & Minifigs John's Creek

There’s no doubt that LEGO® and all its amazing products have become a brand that’s not only a great tool for kids to explore their creativity, but it has also turned into a hobby and passion for many adults who find enjoyment in this almost limitless creative output. We are here to provide everyone, kids and adults alike, the many possibilities that LEGO® has to offer.

LEGO® For Every Taste

Whether your kid is interested in spending hours building incredible things, you have an artistic mindset that likes to build objects, or are a collector, LEGO® has a style of sets that are able to satisfy most people's creative needs. This, combined with the amazing quality of the LEGO® products, you are almost guaranteed to not only have a great time, but you also have the possibility to own something that can last a lifetime!

What Sets Us Apart?

At Bricks & Minifigs John's Creek, we believe in enjoying LEGO® no matter how old you are or what you enjoy, and that’s why we bring you an extensive variety of sets, minifigs, and many other products that work great with LEGO®. You can purchase retired sets or find some of those individual pieces that you might have misplaced, and your LEGO® set is not the same without. Whatever your need for LEGO® is, we can help!