What Does LEGO® Stand For?

One of the most classic toys you likely played with as a child was LEGO. Usually, you started as a kid with larger LEGO blocks and soon advanced to the smaller version. Bricks & Minifigs John's Creek’s goal is to provide every LEGO lover, whether child or adult, with the joy, passion, and creativity this brand has to offer. To fully appreciate the LEGO world, let’s take a little dive into history.

A child playing with Lego

Meaning of the Word

LEGO are little plastic, building blocks or bricks that connect to build larger items; the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and creativity. The word “LEGO” is an abbreviation of two Danish words: "leg godt.” “Leg godt” literally means “play well,” and play well the people of the world have been doing indeed. In 2020, LEGO reported a 13 percent increase in sales from the previous year topping out around $6.99 billion in revenue. But this famous building brick had a very interesting start.

A closeup of an old Lego piece

How It All Began

The creator of LEGO, Ole Kirk Christiansen, was a carpenter back before electricity was invented. He began his woodworking shop in 1916 making furniture like ladders and stools. In 1924, his sons accidentally set fire to some wood chips in the shop, destroying the entire business and his home. Christiansen rebuilt an even bigger shop, but in 1929 the stock market crashed and in 1932 his wife passed away. Most of his help was laid off and Christiansen was struggling. He started making cheap toys to try to make a profit and rise out of bankruptcy with a bailout loan. He renamed his company LEGO and one of his most popular toys was a pull-duck that opened and closed its mouth. In 1942, Christiansen’s workshop once again burned to the ground. After World War II, with scarce resources, Christiansen bought Denmark’s first plastic- injection mold machine and automatic Binding Blocks were born. A “system of play” meaning all blocks can interlock with another was created therefore any LEGO created after 1955 can interlock with another. Behold, the foundation of the modern LEGO world was created.

A Lego Starwars helmet in front of a computer

LEGO Today

LEGO today are much more complex than their predecessors to foster a variety of interests. From LEGO Batman to LEGO Marvel, LEGO Star Wars, and even Disney, LEGO cater to a wide age. Many of these lego sets are considered collectible and adults display them in their homes.

A Lego figurine dressed like a businessman.

Bricks & Minifigs John's Creek Contribution to the LEGO® World

Bricks & Minifigs John's Creek are LEGO enthusiasts. We offer a variety of LEGO sets, minifigs, and other products that “play well” with your current LEGO. We even sell retired LEGO sets and individual pieces that you may have misplaced.

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