Benefits of LEGO®

Why You Should Buy A LEGO® Set for Your Kid

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Arguably one of the most popular toy brands in the world, LEGO has been around for many years. LEGO toys have been advertised as beneficial to the child’s learning and development. More than just something to keep your kids occupied, LEGO are beneficial in other ways as well. Read on to discover some of the benefits of LEGO from Bricks & Minifigs in John’s Creek.

child playing with legos

LEGO Help Your Kids Learn About Shapes and Colors

LEGO come in a variety of shapes and colors, which can help with learning for little kids. Even at introductory levels, LEGO can be used as tools to teach kids more about shapes and colors, particularly DUPLO Sets. You can also prompt them with questions or ask them to identify large blocks and colors while interacting with them during playtime.

child playing with legos

Aids Creative Thinking

Building with LEGO is an art form that can help kids start exploring their imagination and creativity. Kids can create scenes with LEGO blocks and even use them for dramatic play with different accessories and minifig characters. Whether you’re looking for City sets or a LEGO® Friends set, LEGO sets allow for self-expression at an early age and will aid in creativity as your kids grow.

child playing with legos

Helps Build Confidence and Learn Patience

There’s a feeling of accomplishment and self-satisfaction that comes with building things. Building with LEGO can instill these fillings in kids. It also takes great patience to complete a LEGO creation. Considering that kids are naturally rambunctious and can get distracted easily, playing with LEGO can help them learn to focus on completing tasks and discover how rewarding hard work can be.

child playing with legos

Aids The Development of Fine Motor Skills

When kids play with LEGO such as Technic Sets, they learn to decipher patterns and connect LEGO blocks with a level of precision. These building blocks can help kids develop fine motor skills, develop dexterity, and improve their spatial awareness.

Many pediatricians and child care experts agree that building blocks and completing puzzles can aid kids’ development in various ways. They can teach vital problem-solving skills while aiding brain development. LEGO are recommended for kids of all ages and we offer different collections at Bricks & Minifigs in John's Creek. Contact us now to find the perfect LEGO set today!