4 Ways LEGO® Is Good For The Brain

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If you're looking for a fun and creative way to keep your mind active, look no further than Bricks & Minifigs John's Creek’s! LEGO® products are not only great for entertaining people of all ages, but they're also good for the brain. This blog post will discuss four ways that LEGO can help improve cognitive function. So whether you're a parent looking for something to keep your kids entertained or an adult who wants to keep their mind sharp, read on for some great reasons to start building with LEGO!

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Build Concentration and Focus

One of the main reasons LEGO is so good for our brains is because it helps build our concentration span. The more we are able to immerse ourselves in our LEGO activity, the more our ability to focus develops. Creating a LEGO project from Bricks & Minifigs John's Creek exercises focus and concentration. This improved focus also carries over to other areas of our lives.

Person creating a building structure with legos

Develop Engineering Skills

In addition to helping improve our focus, LEGO also helps develop engineering skills. By working with LEGO, we're able to develop our engineering skills by figuring out how to put pieces together to create the desired outcome. This process of trial and error is excellent for developing creative thinking skills. Look no further if you're looking for a LEGO store in Johns Creek, Georgia. Our LEGO sets encourage elaborate construction and complex designs.

Person building with legos

Encourage Problem Solving

LEGO also encourages us to problem solve. As we try to fit together pieces to create masterworks, we're also constantly having to solve problems. Attempting to build, we must figure out what works and what doesn't while finding new ways to align bricks to make our creations hold. This practice in problem-solving can help us develop the skills that help us find solutions.

Woman and child playing with legos

Improve Math Skills

LEGO is a fantastic tool to assist in developing positive mathematical thinking. The key to developing a love of math and building a great foundation for your future starts with using LEGO as math tools. At Bricks & Minifigs John's Creek, our LEGO sets encourage you to use counting, comparing, adding, subtracting, and fractions, all without even realizing it at times, as you're immersed in your building.

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